Earn While You Learn

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer many of the questions you have and ease your anxiety.

You can “Earn While You Learn”. With each lesson that you complete you will earn credits for baby supplies and other materials. Many people want to learn how to be a good parent and raise a healthy, happy child. Our staff are available to provide support and resources during this time of transition and change.

The Earn While You Learn lessons are fun, interesting and practical. Through regular lessons that include videos and worksheets, you will learn important and interesting information about your pregnancy and your baby. There are a number of topics to choose from and our staff will put together a lesson plan that is unique to your needs. We respect your privacy, so your lessons are one-on-one with you and the parenting classes instructor. She will help you understand the challenges and joys that lie ahead for you and your baby. Getting started is easy. Call us or come into our center and we will get you started with your very own personalized lesson plan. There is no cost, there is no commitment, there is only opportunity to learn and succeed. We can help you learn how to be the best parent you can be.

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