After Abortion Care

We offer after abortion care through the SaveOne ministry. Our desire is to reach women suffering in silence after an abortion. Our passion is to help women reclaim and restore their peace of mind and self-worth.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Why am I an emotional wreck?
  • Can I really overcome my guilt?
  • Can I forgive him?
  • Can I ever forgive myself?
  • Will my depression ever end?
  • What happened to my aborted child?
  • Does God really care about me?

If you have...

Together we can find the answers to these questions. At the Pregnancy Resource Center for Southwest Arkansas, the woman who leads this ministry experienced an abortion in her past. She understands where you are and wants to lead you to a place of freedom. She will guide you through the SaveOne program to help you gain control of your conflicting emotions, free yourself of guilt, find your source of courage, renew your mind, experience how far God’s grace truly extends, and much more. We protect your privacy and confidentiality. Call or come by our center to learn more about SaveOne.



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